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Hilldrup’s Move Process

For most people, moving doesn't happen everyday. Luckily, Hilldrup Mayflower has the experience to answer any questions you may have about how the move process will go - from the time the background-checked and uniformed crew arrives until your shipment is delivered to your new home.

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Contracts, Paperwork and Insurance Details

Hilldrup Mayflower coordinators, crew members and drivers are careful to explain what the paperwork means, but sometimes you need more help! Find out more about estimates, tariffs and insurance, plus more!

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Getting Your Belongings Ready

Our goal is to help you move your cherished belongings safely and reliably. For particulars about what you can and can't pack or what Hilldrup Mayflower does to protect your furniture and boxes, check out these frequently asked questions!

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Choosing a Moving Company

Finding the right moving company can be difficult, especially when you want to choose one who will provide safe, quality moving services for you and your family. Hilldrup Mayflower prides itself on safety and quality, and we're happy to be a resource to you. For questions about when to move, what to move and how much it could cost, check out these FAQs that provide some quick guidelines!

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