Hilldrup’s Move Process

How long will it take to pack and load me?

You should be available for the entire day that we’re assisting with your move on pack and load days. As your move gets closer, your move counselor will let you know what time the crew will be there.

Here are some averages for packing and loading times:

  • Packing
    • 1-3 bedroom home: 1 day (up 150 cartons)
    • 4 or more bedroom home: 2 days (between 151 – 300 cartons)
  • Loading
    • An average 4-bedroom home or fewer bedrooms (up to 18,000 lbs.): 1 day
    • Larger homes with 5-6 bedrooms, garage, fun room, etc. (between ~18,001 -36,000 lbs.): 2 days

How many crew members should I expect?

Most crews consist of 1-4 members, depending on the size of your move. If you want to know how many crew members you should expect, your move counselor can tell you the night before your first scheduled move day.

Will my belongings be sent to a contractor or third party?

We are not a move broker who hands your belongings off to a different moving company. Depending on your destination, we may need to partner with another Mayflower agent that services your destination city or region. Each of these partners follows the same quality guidelines and procedures as your local Hilldrup Mayflower branch, so you can trust that your belongings are in good hands.

If you have certain unique or specialty items, we may decide it is best to bring in a specialist with the expertise necessary to move those items safely. This can include assembling/disassembling workout equipment and pool tables, hot tubs, etc.

Some other specialty items include:

  • Washers, dryers
  • Water beds, Select Comfort and Sleep Number beds
  • Swing sets
  • Workout equipment
  • Pool tables
  • Hot tubs

Do I have to be present for all phases of the move process?

Yes, because you are the most important participant in the move! You will need to be present during all phases of the move – the pre-move survey, packing, loading, and delivery. This assures that all items you intend to transport are surveyed, packed, loaded, and delivered.

You will need to do a final walk-through at both origin and destination in order to:

  • Make sure that everything has been packed at your departing home.
  • Make sure that everything has been loaded at your departing home.
  • Make sure that there is no damage to the residence at both your departing and destination homes.
  • Perform the inventory check-off, which ensures that all items are delivered at your destination home.
  • If there are missing items, this MUST be noted on the paperwork prior to the packing crew’s or driver’s departure.
  • You will need to sign all paperwork at both origin and destination.

How can I track the movement of my shipment?

Your move counselor can help you track your shipment.

How does the company know where my goods are any time of day or night?

All of our trailers are equipped with a GPS system called Skybitz that allows us to know the position of all our trailers 24 hours a day. If you’re storing anything our at warehouses, we also use an electronic logging system to enter all inventory so we have a record of it once it’s been safely delivered to our storage facilities.

Are your employees and contractors background checked and drug tested?

Yes, the safety of you and your belongings is our highest priority. Every single one of our employees and contractors is both background checked and drug tested.

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