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Moving to a new city is an exciting new adventure for you and your family – particularly when you’re moving to a city as great as Orlando, Florida! Even before you make the actual move, it’s fun to start planning all things you want to see and do once you – and your belongings – arrive in Orlando!

But where to start? As exciting as a new city can be, figuring out what to do and where to go can be a tad daunting. Hilldrup Mayflower has proudly served the Orlando community for more than 40 years. So we thought we’d share some of the most beloved and notable destinations Orlando has to offer to help you get acclimated!

Download the Orlando, Florida Move Guide to get helpful tips on what to see and do in the following areas of interest:

●     Neighborhoods ●     Shopping
●     Restaurants ●     Seasonal Events
●     Historic Sites ●     Entertainment Venues
●     Outdoor Recreation ●     Museums


What You Should Know Before Moving to Orlando

Orlando, FL is most known for its world-class attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, but once you’re here, you’ll find a city filled with diverse communities to fit virtually any interest and life stage. If you’re looking to purchase a home, this makes finding the right real estate agent all the more important. They can help understand exactly what you need and find you not only the right home but also the right community.

Being in Florida, most winters only find temperatures dropping to the 50s – making it a respite from the cold for the rest of the country. This means a tremendous influx of tourists during the colder months. This can lead to heavy traffic and wait times around popular destinations like amusement parks and restaurants.

How to Get Settled into Orlando, Florida

Orlando is so much more than the home of Disney World. It’s different neighborhoods offer such a diverse array of activities. It’s almost too much to tackle at once, so Orlando Mayflower General Manager, Ed Fitzgerald recommends spending time getting to know one part of the city at a time.

As we mentioned, Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the country, peaking around holidays and school breaks. This means roadways see a fairly dramatic change in traffic week to week. We recommend learning several routes to and from work or other commonly traveled-to destinations to make avoiding any congestion easier.

Orlando, FL also is uniquely positioned in the middle of the state, making beaches on both sides accessible. While they are all great, one “hidden gem” is Indian Rocks Beach, just south of Clearwater on the Gulf side. It’s not as visited by tourists, which makes it a more enjoyable experience for those looking for a low-key beach day.

An Orlando Moving Company that Makes Moving Exciting

If you need help making the move to Orlando, please give Hilldrup Mayflower a call. Delivering the highest level of quality to our customers and their belongings is the cornerstone of our business. Orlando Mayflower’s consistently high ratings on sites like the Better Business Bureau are a reflection of the dedication and service we provide to our customers.

We also partner with A Place for Mom’s Professional Senior Services Directory to help Orlando seniors get the quality and personal service that they deserve when moving!

You can either schedule a free in-home or virtual move estimate today!

Your Orlando, Florida Move Guide – Hilldrup Mayflower
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