How to Pack Clothing when Moving

How to Pack Clothing for a Move

When moving into a new home there are several small and loose items that will need to be compiled into boxes, like clothing. Clothing might seem like easy, non-fragile items that can simply be thrown into a box or even suitcase during a move, but that will only create more work when unpacking.

Packing clothing properly will ensure the unpacking process is smooth and simple, and it will prevent any items from getting wrinkled or damaged.

Here are the correct steps for packing clothing that is folded and clothing that is hanging.

Packing Folded Clothes

If furniture is being transported during your upcoming move, the easiest way to transfer folded clothing is to simply leave them in the dresser drawers.

When packing folded clothing in a box, start by lining the bottom of the box with newspaper. Then begin piling clothing to the top, starting with larger, heavier items like sweatshirts and denim, and placing blouses or other items made from delicate fabric on top. Fill in any gaps along the sides with crumpled newspaper to prevent clothing from shifting and becoming unfolded.

Packing Hanging Clothing

When packing hanging clothing from the closet, be sure to order plenty of wardrobe cartons. A wardrobe carton is a type of moving box that is tall enough to fit hanging clothing and includes a wardrobe bar for hangers. To get started, secure the bottom of the wardrobe carton. Next stabilize the wardrobe bar and start hanging clothing until the box is filled. Tape the box shut and most importantly, remember to tape down the ends of the wardrobes bars from the outside of the box.

While there will be extra space at the bottom of the box, do not place loose items in the bottom to avoid damaging clothing.

If you’re still not sure about how to properly pack clothing or have any questions about packing delicate, antique or valuable clothing items like wedding dress, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of movers are specially trained to handle those types of items and everything else you may have in your home.

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