How to Pack and Move Collectibles

How to Pack and Move Collectibles

Finding and gathering collectibles is a hobby so many individuals and families enjoy. Each item has a special memory associated with it and preserving those items during your move is especially important. Following a few simple tips will help your collectibles make the move to your new home safely.

Wrapping collectibles to stay safe

First, you need to wrap your collectibles, so they aren’t scratched, chipped or scuffed while in your moving box. Depending on the size and material of your collectible, there are a few different methods to follow.

Wrapping small collectibles

Especially in larger boxes, it’s easy for smaller collectibles to get lost or misplaced. Using brightly colored tissue paper helps those pieces stay easy to find as you’re putting things in and out of your moving box. Be sure to only use the colored tissue paper for these items to help avoid any confusion during the unpacking process.

Protecting fragile collectibles

Not always, but many collectibles are fragile and need extra protection. Before wrapping the item in tissue paper or newsprint, secure with several layers of bubble wrap. If the item is both small and fragile, use colored tissue paper for the outer layer as mentioned above. Otherwise, you can use packaging paper or newsprint for the outside layer.

Setting up the box

It’s best to pack all your fragile collectibles in the same box to ensure they are all packed and handled with extra care compared to your other belongings. You’ll want to crumble up enough newspaper or packaging paper to cover the bottom of the box. This will help create a softer layer for the items at the bottom of the box should it drop or not be placed down gently. As you begin putting each item into the box, crumble up more newsprint to place around each item for extra protection.

Securing the box

Run strip of packing tape across the top to securely close the box. Also, write “FRAGILE” in large print on each side of the box the ensure it’s handled appropriately. Be careful to not place these boxes underneath others.

Staying safe during your move

Making sure your collectibles make it to your new home safely is a top goal of any move. Fortunately, these tips can go a long way in ensuring that happens.

If you’re unsure of your packing ability or want professional help to protect your family’s collectibles during your move, please give us a call. Our team of professional movers are well-trained in handling all kinds of belongings – from large furniture down to small, fragile collectibles.

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