How to Pack Your Kitchen and Cookware when Moving

How to Pack Cookware for a Move

Packing cookware incorrectly can result in damage to your pots and pans in the form of chips and scratches. Not only does damage to your cookware look unsightly, it also can make cooking more challenging. Save your cookware from harm by packing it correctly.

Here are the correct steps to take when packing cookware.

How to Pack Pots and Pans

Start by organizing your pots and pans by size. This will allow you to identify the cookware that can be nested together in a bundle to save valuable space. Set aside any large frying pans or skillets.

Wrap each individual piece of cookware in newsprint or packing paper to prevent any scratches or chips during the move. You’ll also want to wrap the accompanying lids. Pack the matching piece of cookware with its lid in the same box. This will help keep things organized when you’re ready to unpack.

Larger items such as frying pans and skillets should be wrapped separately in newsprint or packing paper.

Packing Your Kitchen

Once all your pots, pans and lids are wrapped, put them into boxes lined with additional newsprint. These items can be packed with other cookware and non-breakable kitchen items such as spatulas and tongs.

Fitting these items together into each box is like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Don’t be afraid to rearrange things, to fill the box.

When a box is full, fill in gaps with crumped newsprint to prevent the items from shifting during the move. This is where scratches, chips and other damage can occur.

Close and secure the box with packing tape on all sides. Last, label the box to keep things organized.

If you’d rather not deal with packing your kitchen after reading our walkthrough, give us a call. Our team of movers are specially trained to handle those types of items and everything else you may have in your home.

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