How to Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Paintings for Moving

How to Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Paintings for Moving

Artwork and mirrors are huge focal points in any room where they are placed. Even the slightest blemishes can significantly take away from their beauty and function. Packing pictures, paintings and mirrors the right way can help ensure they get to your new home and back onto your walls safely.

Here are the correct steps to taking for packing each one of these items.

Wrapping framed artwork

Framed artwork needs several layers of protection to help ensure its safety – the first of which is a paper pad. These pads are similar to newsprint-style packaging paper, but much thicker. In fact, it’s the same material, just several layers combined into one single sheet.

Lay the framed piece in the center of a pad and wrap it over on each side to fully cover it. Then, you need to apply tape to the paper so that it stays wrapped around the frame. It’s extremely important to only tape the paper and not the frame.

Securing it in a mirror carton

Once the artwork or mirror is securely wrapped in the paper pad, you need to place it into a mirror carton, a specialty box for these types of items. As the video above shows, you’ll want to assemble each section of the carton and line them crumbled packing paper to give extra support and protection.

Then, place the wrapped artwork or mirror into a section of the mirror carton and enclose it with the other section of the mirror carton. Finally, secure the carton with packing tape on all four sides.

Extra considerations for packing pictures and paintings

Depending on the size of your mirror or artwork, you may need four mirror carton pieces to fully enclose your piece. If you own any oil paintings that need to be securely packed, you will also want to cover those with a layer of glassine, a glossy transparent paper, which will provide an added degree of protection specifically from grease and water, which can be especially harmful for these items.

Large mirrors, paintings, and frames can be difficult to move. With the proper preparation and care they should all make it safely to your new home.

If you’re still not sure about your ability to securely move your framed artwork and mirrors, give us a call. Our team of movers are specially trained to handle those types of items and everything else you may have in your home.

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