How to Pack Linens and Bedding when Moving

How to Pack Linens for a Move

There’s a lot that goes into properly preparing items and belongings for a move and several best practices to ensure items remain safe and unharmed – even soft items like linens. Linens covers a variety of items like towels, bedding, table clothes, and drapes. And some linens might require a bit more preparation than others, like a pair of drapes with high value (either monetary or sentimental) that may have been obtained during a trip abroad or as a wedding gift.

Protect these items to ensure they keep their functionality and aesthetic by packing them properly ahead of a move. Here are the correct steps to take when packing up linens.

Packing Hanging Linens

Delicate linens made from materials like lace or silk can easily snag or become damaged when not packed properly. These and other delicate linens that are to be hung when stored should remain on hangers during a move and be packed in a wardrobe carton. A wardrobe carton is a type of moving box that is tall enough to fit hanging clothing and includes a wardrobe bar for hangers.

To get started, secure the bottom of the wardrobe carton. Next, stabilize the wardrobe bar and begin hanging the linens until the box is filled. But, be sure not to overfill the carton as it could cause the linens to wrinkle. Plus, a heavy box is difficult to move. Next, tape the box shut and most importantly, remember to tape down the ends of the wardrobes bars from the outside of the box. Finally, remember to not add in any loose items at the bottom of the wardrobe carton to avoid damaging delicate linens.

Packing Folded Linens

Linens that are folded when stored, like most bedding and towels, can easily be packed in a standard moving box. Begin by lining the empty box with newspaper and pack belongings. Fill any gaps in the box with crumbled newspaper to keep the linens neatly folded during turbulence form the actual move. This will make unpacking these items a breeze.

Next, tape the box shut and label.

If you’re still not sure about how to properly pack delicate linens, give us a call. Our team of movers are specially trained to handle those types of items and everything else you may have in your home.

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