How to Pack Shoes for a Move

How to Pack Shoes for a Move

Shoes might be the most haphazardly packed items in every move. They frequently are gathered up and thrown into boxes and bags, and then hauled off to the new home – causing all kinds of scuffs and scratches in the process. A few simple steps can make a world of difference in making sure your footwear gets to your new home safe and sound.

Get the supplies you’ll need

First things first, get the materials you’ll need:

  • Large moving box
  • Packing paper
  • Marker
  • Packing tape
  • Any old shoeboxes you may have

Prepare your shoes and boots for moving

Wrap each individual shoe or boot with packing paper or newsprint to prevent scuffing. If you have the original shoe box, wrap each shoe in a half piece of newsprint to protect from rubbing or scuffing. Boots, particularly tall ones, should be stuffed with newsprint to help preserve their shape while in transit.

Securing your shoes and boots into the box

You’ll want to crumble up enough newspaper or packaging paper to cover the bottom of the box. This will help create a softer layer for your shoes and boots at the bottom of the box should it drop or not be placed down gently.

Fill any remaining gaps between shoes and boots with extra crumbled newsprint or packing paper for extra protection.

Last steps for packing your shoes and boots

Once everything is in your moving box, close it and secure it with packing tape. Label the box “SHOES” on the side (and not the top) so you know exactly what is in there and where it needs to go once you arrive at your new home.

It’s pretty tempting to toss all your shoes into one box and call it a day but trust us — there’s a better way! If this sounds like more than you want to deal with yourself, we’d love to help. Give us a call or request a move quote online!

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