How to Pack Silverware when Moving

How to Silverware for a Move

Everyday silverware and real silver should be packed in different ways to prevent damage. Forks and knives should be packed properly, with extra care, in order to avoid moving related injuries to yourself or your movers. Packing silverware can be tricky but taking the time to do it right will pay off in the end, making it easier to unpack when your belongings arrive at your new home.

Here are the steps to follow when packing silverware.

How to Pack Silverware when Moving

Start by organizing your knives, forks, and spoons into separate piles. You’ll want to wrap each group of utensils together in newsprint or packing paper. Start by placing one spoon near the corner of the newsprint, then cover by rolling the paper a few times. Then place another spoon on the newsprint and roll. Repeat these steps while until all spoons are wrapped. Once you’ve wrapped a few spoons, fold the excess newsprint toward the middle and roll to the end.

The end result will resemble a burrito.

Continue these steps until all spoons are securely wrapped. Tape the bundle of so that they do not unravel during the moving process and label it for easy recognition. Repeat these same steps for your forks and knives.

Packing real silver

If you are packing real silver, use the same steps as above but replace the newsprint or packing paper with tissue. This will reduce the risk that your silver will be damaged during the move.

Once all of your silverware is wrapped securely into bundles, you can pack them into your silverware tray. Then, wrap the tray in newsprint and secure with tape, which will help prevent items from falling out when unwrapped. Take the wrapped tray and pack with other kitchen items. When a box is full, fill in gaps with crumpled newsprint to prevent the items from shifting during the move.

Close and secure the box with packing tape on all sides. Last, label the box to keep things organized.

If you’re still not sure about packing all your silverware and other kitchen items, give us a call. Our team of movers are specially trained to handle those types of items and everything else you may have in your home.

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